Classroom-based or online
​- the choice is yours

Two formulas, same quality

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to take a classroom-based course or an online German course – in both cases you will receive a top-quality product that will develop your language skills and give you the freedom to use the language of our western neighbours. Having completed a course at Structura you will feel confident communicating in German. What is a good online German course or a classroom-based course at our school?

  • each lesson provides a large dose of new and useful vocabulary,
  • during the classes we develop all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar – nothing is omitted,
  • we focus on breaking down the communication barrier,
  • we polish the fluency and accuracy of speaking,
  • we initiate discussions where you have the opportunity to express your opinions using the newly learned words and phrases,
  • we cover the material according to the CEFR scale – thus, you know exactly what you will learn at a given level.

Classroom-based German courses

This is a proposal for those who value direct interaction between group participants.

Classroom-based courses are held at the seat of our school, located in the centre of Katowice, at 10 Staromiejska Street. We have seven spacious and perfectly equipped, air-conditioned training rooms. We always make sure to provide a nice atmosphere.

What do you gain from classroom-based German lessons at Structura?

  • you learn in conditions providing maximum comfort – our rooms are spacious, air-conditioned and cosy,
  • during the classes, we use a lot of creative materials to make the learning more attractive – e.g. we use newspaper clippings or board and educational games,
  • you benefit from direct contact with the rest of the group, people who contribute to the atmosphere that ensures progress in learning,
  • you efficiently exchange experiences and participate in spontaneous discussions,
  • you have the opportunity to integrate with other course participants during breaks.

What can you expect from classroom-based courses?

modern audio and video equipment and full administrative digitisation

creative teaching aids available in every room

a selection of teas and coffee from a coffee machine available in each room

the opportunity to meet interesting people and make friends

Online German courses

A treat for those who want to learn the language wherever they are – at home, on business trips, on vacation…

During an online course the teachers cover the material in the same way as in the classroom, but they use other tools to do the exercises. The classes are interactive to the maximum and you also work in pairs and smaller groups

What does our online German course offer? Tangible benefits!

  • You can live anywhere in Poland or even in the world – distance doesn’t matter!
  • You save time on commuting so you can plan your daily schedule more efficiently.
  • You learn the language in a place where you feel at ease, comfortable and stress-free.
  • It is less likely that you will skip a class because of a cold or a trip. If your plans change unexpectedly, you can still participate in the lesson.
  • Online classes are an excellent solution for people with reduced mobility, people whose professional duties force them to travel frequently or pregnant women.
  • During a German courses online you use a simple platform for communication and remote learning.

What do you need for online lessons?

a comfortable and quiet place, where nothing will distract you

a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection​​

headphones with a microphone
(e.g. a phone headset)

improving webcam Comfort of

During online classes:

  • you log on to your lessons in real time – according to the timetable,
  • you can see and hear the teacher, as well as the other course participants (therefore we recommend using a webcam),
  • you can see what the teacher is sharing from the board,
  • you take part in interactive exercises – we work in pairs and smaller teams,
  • you practice all your language skills – just like in a classroom.

A good German course online or classroom-based? That is the question! No matter what kind of classes you choose, Structura guarantees...

The group size

The number of participants in a group course never exceeds 12 people. It is an optimum size of a group, which provides good conditions for conducting the classes and for cooperation between the participants.

The starting package

Before starting the course you will receive the handbook with exercises, a notebook and teaching aids. We send the packages to Paczkomat parcel pick-up stations (if you decide to take a German course online) or distribute them during the first lesson (classroom-based courses).

Good contact

You are constantly in touch with your teacher, who will be sending you notes from the classes and additional materials by e-mail. You can also contact them if you feel you need additional help.

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