In-person or online
- the choice is yours


Two formats, the same quality

It doesn’t matter whether you choose an in-person course or an online German course – in both cases, you will receive a top-quality product that will enhance your language skills and enable you to communicate freely in the language of our western neighbors. After a course at Structura, you will feel confident communicating in German. What characterizes a good online German course or in-person training at our school?

Each lesson provides a substantial dose of new and useful vocabulary,

During the classes, we develop all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and we practice grammar – we don’t skip anything,

We work on overcoming the communication barrier,

We polish fluency and accuracy in speaking,

We initiate discussions, during which you have the opportunity to express your opinions using newly learned words and phrases,

We cover the material in accordance with the guidelines of the Council of Europe’s scale – this way, you know exactly what you will learn at a given level

In-person German language courses

Here’s an offer for those who value direct interactions between group participants. In-person courses are conducted at our school’s headquarters, located in the center of Katowice at Staromiejska Street 10. We have seven spacious, well-equipped, and atmospheric training rooms. What sets us apart is our attention to ambiance!

What do you gain from in-person German lessons at Structura?

  • You learn in conditions that ensure maximum comfort – our classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and cozy,
  • During classes, we use many creative materials that make learning attractive – including newspaper clippings or board and educational games,
  • You benefit from direct contact with other group participants, people who co-create an atmosphere that promotes learning progress,
  • You efficiently exchange experiences and engage in spontaneous discussions,
  • You have the opportunity to socialize with other course participants during breaks.

What awaits you during the in-person courses?

Modern audio and video equipment, as well as full administrative digitization

Creative learning support materials available in every classroom

A selection of teas and coffee from the machine available in every classroom

The opportunity to meet interesting people and form friendships

A good German course online or in-person? That is the question! Regardless of which type of course you choose, Structura guarantees you...

Group size

The number of participants in a group course never exceeds 12 people. This is the optimal group size that ensures good conditions for conducting classes and cooperation between course participants.

Starter pack

Before starting the classes, you will receive a textbook with exercises, a notebook, and educational aids from us. We send the packages to parcel lockers (if you choose an online German course) or distribute them during the first classes (in-person courses).

Good contact

You are in constant contact with your instructor, from whom you will receive class notes and additional materials by email. You can also contact them if you feel you need extra help.