A wide range​
of German language courses.

Select a course that best suits your needs.

General language courses

The most popular form of German language courses. The classes are based on the Council of Europe Scale, which means that a specific material is divided into levels. In Structura, these levels are additionally structured into specific time frames, so you know exactly how long the learning will take. Check the details.

Courses for those who want to master the material of a given level at a faster pace and thus shorten the time needed to learn German. The programme is covered twice as fast as on standard courses thanks to an increased frequency of meetings. Check the details.

Every year, during the summer holidays, we offer SUPER INTENSIV courses, where you can complete a whole level in 10 weeks.
These courses are very demanding due to the frequency of meetings, but they give the fastest results. Check the details.

These courses help you verify your current level of knowledge and skills in the most important way – in conversation and discussion. It is also an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with the language for those who have less contact with it on a daily basis and do not want to lose confidence in using it. Check the details.

Courses preparing you for examinations

Their goal is to prepare the participants to pass the Goethe-Institut exams at B2 and C1 levels. They put emphasis on technical preparation regarding the specifics of the exam structure and the expected way of solving tasks. Classes carried out by Goethe-Institut examiners. Check the details.

Specialised and individual courses

Specialised language courses include the business language course and the medical language course (for doctors and medical students). In order to take part in specialised courses, you must have at least B1/B1+ level of German. Check the details.

An offer for those who cannot attend regular group classes or need an individual course at the time of their choice. Single classes or an option of buying packages of lessons. Possible classes on Skype or ZOOM! Individual solo and individual group classes! Check the details.